the Festival


A festive event in the Magdalen Islands, where young and old are invited to celebrate the circus arts.

The Festival de Cirque des Îles is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the circus arts in the Magdalen Islands by presenting shows by professional contemporary circus troupes that are nationally and internationally renowned. Our rich and diversified programming delights a family audience of all ages and invites residents and visitors to participate in playful activities. Fun and excellence guide our approach so that the audience, performers, students, and volunteers have an authentic and fulfilling experience.


A festival rooted in its community

Circus arts occupy a very important place in the Magdalen Islands. Over the last few decades, several circus artists have emerged, including Jeannot Painchaud, co-founder, president and chief creative officer of Cirque Éloize, and Daniel Cyr, co-founder of Cirque Éloize and creator of the Cyr Wheel. The École de Cirque des Îles was created in 2004 and has been a great success year after year with aspiring professionals and amateurs.

L'École de Cirque des

The inspiration for our involvement
The Festival's ideation stems from shared interests with the École de Cirque des Îles. The Festival is proud to contribute to the development of the next generation of circus artists by integrating the School's students into a high-caliber event.

Connecting with professional artists
Because of its close collaboration with the School, the Festival fosters a dynamic of enriching exchanges between professional artists and students, notably by holding master classes.

Sparking admiration
The Festival's programming includes, among other things, the presentation of a performance by the School's students as the opening act for its main show, as well as entertainment on the site, thus allowing the School to highlight the talent of its students and to further their training.

Contributing to the success of the Festival
The Festival benefits from the commitment and support of the parents of the School's students. These parents are key players in the success of the collaboration between the Festival and the School.

Becoming a volunteer

Awards and distinctions

November 2020

The Festival de Cirque des Îles wins an award for excellence in tourism

September 2020

IDEA 2020
Simon Roy, Artistic Director, honoured for the development of the Festival's brand image

September 2020

Simon Roy, Artistic Director, honoured for the development of the Festival's brand image

November 2019

Co-founder of the FCÎ is appointed Officer of the Order of Canada

Make a donation

With your donation, you contribute directly to the development of circus arts in the Magdalen Islands. The Festival invites its supporters to support this exciting and socially beneficial project.

What will your donation be used for?

Donations to the Festival are used to finance the activities of the students of the École de Cirque des Îles during the event. The Festival takes advantage of the presence of professional artists in its midst to organize exclusive activities for the students, such as master classes and discussions with the artists. Donations also cover the cost of the students' participation in the on-site entertainment and their performances as the opening act for the main show under the big top.

Your contribution also supports the costly operation of the Festival and helps keep ticket prices reasonable.

In order to create a positive social impact, the Festival dedicates a portion of your donation to make certain performances and activities accessible to local organizations.


Thanks to our donors

The Festival de Cirque des Îles would not have been possible without the generous contribution of patrons such as Jean-Pierre Léger, Guy Laliberté, Gilles Ste-Croix, Daniel Gauthier. These important donors recognize the positive contribution that the circus arts can make to a community. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to these early accomplices, many of whom remain outstanding ambassadors of this project.

The Festival would also like to acknowledge the many contributors who support the event, either through financial donations or service sponsorships. Each of these actions is precious to us and testifies to the legendary spirit of mutual aid of the Madelinots.

Become a member

Be part
of the action

The Festival invites you to become a member of its organization.

Annual cost of membership cards
Individual members: $10
Corporate members: $50

Become a member

What does that involve

Becoming a member will allow you to participate in the annual general assembly, to elect the members of the board of directors and perhaps, to sit on it yourself. You will also be informed of our news via our newsletter.


Since its first edition, the Festival has integrated principles of sustainable development in the organization of its event. Concerned about the environmental, economic, and social impacts of its operations, the Festival subscribes to the values of social equity, gender equality, inclusion, environmental integrity, and promotes recycling, composting, carpooling, and local purchasing.

Being aware of the extreme richness and fragility of the natural environment of the Islands, the Festival supports the protective measures taken by local organizations.

The Festival team is currently working on laying the groundwork for its sustainable development policy and plans to implement a few more tangible actions for the next edition.


The team

General Manager 

Suzie Hamel

Communication coordinator

Aurélie Presseault

Operation coordinator 

Jeanne Cyr

Board of directors

President, Artistic advisor and founding member of Cirque du Soleil

Gilles Ste-Croix

Vice-president and Treasurer

Sony Cormier


Audrey Vigneau


Émilie Thériault


Sandrine Merette


Suzie Hamel